Hempest CBD Website Launch

Hempest CBD Website Launch

Posted by Mitch Rosenfield on 30th Jan 2019

After almost a decade of being a leader in the Boston CBD market, The Hempest is finally able to sell CBD products online! With the re-passing of the Farm bill last December, Credit Card processors have finally begun to offer some viable options, and now our site is up and running at www.HempestCBD.com. Having been fortunate enough to have been in this industry for over 23 years, we are proud to offer a large, and ever expanding line of the what we feel are best CBD products available on the market.   Throughout our time here at The Hempest, we have become friends with dozens of Cannabis growers, and processors who we know are doing CBD the right way, from organic, US grown Hemp, and extracting in the best, and safest way possible.  There is a big difference from the products you will see on our site in comparison with cheap, smoke shop CBD products which are often made from Isolates that may not have even made from the Cannabis plant.  The Full spectrum products we carry will each have varying profiles of many cannabinoids, ensuring the benefits of the entourage effect. We feel it is essential to offer several different brands of CBD products for the simple reason that each one is going to offer a different combination of cannabinoids.  We have helped literally tens of thousands of customers find products that they were amazed by.  Some of our customers have a lot of success sticking with one brand they like, while others find that switching makes all the difference.  Every one of us has a different endo-cannabinoid system. The unique combination of cannabinoid profiles in each CBD product can impact our systems in different ways.  Our bodies can also build up tolerance to certain profiles, which can make switching profiles essential in order for some of us to achieve the results we are looking for.  We hope you find our site to be informative, and we hope it offers you or your loved ones solutions toward health and wellness.  We will always strive to offer you the best possible CBD products at the best possible prices.  If you know of a great brand we should carry, please don't hesitate to contact us at hempestcbd@protonmail.com.  

     Have a serious health issue that is becoming a financial hardship? 

Please email us about it and we will do our best to get you product at the lowest possible price, either through us, or through growers and CBD manufacturers with economic hardship programs.  We are also happy to provide hardship assistance to those looking to use CBD to reduce opiate or pharmaceutical addiction for themselves or a loved one.  We have seen tremendous results with this problem which is plaguing so many people in our country, and we would love to help.  

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